Sosana is your brand for fine vegetables. Sosana is more than just a brand name. First and foremost, it is a philosophy. The philosophy that by doing business we can improve the lives of many people living in poverty. That is why our farms and growers receive a fair price. Sosana also stands for quality and food safety. All vegetables are traceable from shelf to field. We keep the impact of our growing activities on the environment to a minimum. This way everyone benefits from Sosana.

Sosana Fairtrade

With Sosana Fairtrade we’re bringing the ethical world even closer to home. All our vegetables and herbs come from the same type of farms. The difference is, that with Sosana Fairtrade you are giving people in developing countries even more opportunities. Opportunities for better housing. Decent living conditions. A brighter future for their children. The profits go directly to projects that benefit the local population. Like a school or a hospital. With Sosana Fairtrade you know that you are really playing a part in fair trade: the line is controlled by Max Havelaar and Flo-Cert.