The roots of Sosana

The story of Sosana is a true story. It is an example of how Finlays has helped improve the lifestyles of many local people within Kenya and given them opportunities they did not think would have been possible. More and more people now not only want their produce to be tasty and healthy, but they also want to know where it is grown and that it is sourced fairly.  FV SeleQt is proud to own the Sosana brand and is pleased to be able to share the Sosana story with so many people.  

FV SeleQt is a joint venture between Finlays and the Best Fresh Group. Finlays has been at the home on the African continent for decades and knows all about growing the highest quality herbs and vegetables. The Best Fresh Group has essential expertise in the marketing of fruit and vegetables and has therefore helped to enable the Sosana brand to become recognised by consumers. With this story of Sosana, FV SeleQt wants to bring developing countries such as Kenya closer to the homes of European consumers.

The majority of the FV SeleQt produce range is grown by Finlays farms in Kenya. However due to the seasonality of the products and the climate in Kenya, Finlays also works closely and is partners with other growers around the world.  This ensures the availability of supply throughout the year by growers who are all working to the same high standards and procedures that are set and led by Finlays.

Most people do not eat enough fresh vegetables, which can lead to health issues. The lack of knowledge into how to prepare and cook vegetables means that people are now not enjoying the preparation side of meals and are seeing it more as a time consuming exercise. With Sosana products, tips and recipes you can combine not only the convenience that they are after, but also maintain the great taste and high quality standards.