Sosana legumes and herbs

Legumes are our core business. We have products such as fine beans, green beans, sugar snaps, mangetout, peas and runner beans all year round. Every one of these comes from our own production locations, mainly in Kenya. We also sell less well-known legumes. Through active global sourcing we are constantly extending our range.

Another product category we have is herbs. As with legumes, we offer a wide range in this category too – not only popular herbs like coriander, mint, tarragon and thyme, but other varieties besides. Like our legumes, our herbs come from our own growing sites. We also sell our vegetables as prepared products. A big efficiency gain for foodservice suppliers who want to save time. And attractive for consumers looking for convenience. We also sell chillies, we mainly have the more exotic varieties, like Rawit, Habanero, Naga and Jalapeno.