Hello, my name is Sosana

Let me introduce myself, my name is Sosana, I live in Kenya and I work on a Finlays farm where we grow a large range of vegetables and herbs.  Due to the challenges and characteristics of each product that we grow, we have teams that specialise in each area.  Mangetout, sugarsnap and fine beans are the areas that I specialise in whilst my colleagues specialise in Tenderstem ® Broccoli (Bimi), baby salad onions, baby corn and herbs.

Finlays provides a bus to and from work every day which not only saves time from walking to work but is also a lot safer – particularly after dark.  We are provided with work clothes and even get a healthy subsidised lunch time meal.

I have been given an opportunity my parents could only dream of by working for Finlays, I have learnt to read and write and I am currently training to become a team leader.  Since working for Finlays I have been able to help provide for my family more, for example my mother used to cook meals on wood which is not only unhealthy but also time consuming. Finlays has now helped to provide me with a gas stove.

Our brand Sosana stands for honesty and openness, whilst maintaining the highest quality and food safety standards. All our produce can be traced right through the supply chain from the crop in the field to the end produce on your plate.

As part of the Sosana brand, we also have Sosana Fair Trade products. These products are all grown to the same high standards but are grown by local growers who we work very close with. The money made from these products is brought directly back into these local communities to help fund projects such as local schools and hospitals.

I am so proud that by using my name for this brand, the story of my colleagues and me is being told to people across the world. By purchasing Sosana branded produce, you help to give people like myself more opportunities to work and earn good livings and therefore improve our family’s lifestyles whilst helping to fight the poverty which we see in Kenya every day.